Wholesale Nilgiri Grass Supplier in India | Grass @Bagwaniwala

About Nilgiri Grass Nilgiri Grass is a warm-season perennial grass used for lawns. Nilgiri Grass requires less maintenance. This plant has thick leaves that are like a soft cushion. It’s like sitting on a fluffy pillow! It grows at a slow speed. The other name for Nilgiri Grass is Japanese Lawn Grass. This plant doesn’t need a lot of water, […]

Wholesale Mexican Grass Supplier | Buy Online @Bagwaniwala

Mexican Grass Mexican Grass or Mexican Feather grass is also known as Nasella Tenuissima. It is native to South-Western United States, Northern Mexico, and Argentina. Mexican feather grass is a tough plant that can grow in soil that doesn’t have a lot of nutrients. It doesn’t need a lot of water either, so it can survive in dry places. Plus, […]

Wholesale Bermuda Grass Supplier| Buy Grass @Bagwaniwala

Bermuda Grass Bermuda grass is a common warm-season grass that is used in lawns, parks, and golf courses throughout the world. The grass exhibits heat and drought tolerance, and can establish quickly and spread aggressively. If you are looking to buy Bermuda Grass in India then Bagwaniwala Wholesale Bermuda Grass Supplier in India is the name for you as we […]