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Online Plant Nursery in Mandi

Online nurseries are a great way to get plants that you might not be able to find locally. Bagwaniwala an Online Plant Nursery in Mandi is a perfect website to purchase plants in a variety of sizes and often at a discount. They have a huge selection of garden plants as well.

They have a very easy-to-use website that has filters for what zone you live in, flower color, foliage color, growing conditions, bloom time and other characteristics that will make it much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Nursery in Mandi

There are many different types of plant nursery available in the city but Bagwaniwala is the best nursery in Mandi. They have a great selection of plants and will deliver on time.

Plant Shop in Himachal Pradesh @bagwaniwala

This is a very large plant shop in Himachal Pradesh with a large selection of plants, including trees and shrubs, along with annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables. They’ll also report your plant if needed, and some items are available for pick up in person.

There is a great choice for those looking to buy landscaping trees and shrubs as well as some perennials. Their shipping is on time and they have a nice selection of planter boxes for those who want to display their new plants.

Bagwaniwala Affordable Nursery in City

Bagwaniwala is another good option for buying all sorts of trees, shrubs, and perennials as their prices are affordable in city. They have various plant species and seeds that are great for beginners and offer a wide range of choices. This is a big name in printed plant catalogs and they have a very large online store. They have many different varieties of rhododendrons, daylilies, and other perennials. They are also a great place to buy bulbs.

Affordable Plant Nursery in Haridwar

Varieties of Plants in Nursery

Bagwaniwala is the one that has varieties of plants nursery in Mandi. This is a family-owned nursery that specializes in bulbs. They sell a variety of bulbs, but the main focus is on the cheaper ones. They ship to your door and offer on-time delivery on orders.

Dutch Bulbs are a great option for those who aren’t quite ready to buy large quantities of plants. They’ll also report if necessary, and some items are available for pick up at their nursery.


Bagwaniwala continues to be the leader in Online Plant Nursery in Mandi, and they have a huge selection of garden plants, and various types of medicinal plants as well. Their medicinal plants are good in quality and prevent air-borne diseases as well as various air infections.

Bagwaniwala Online Plant Nursery in Mandi has a variety and wide range of flower plants. Fruits and vegetable plants and medicinal plants are available at a very affordable price as compared to others. Their plants are shipped in a sturdy box, and they have some really unique plants to choose from.

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